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The CAV GT has a tig-welded, stainless-steel monocoque chassis designed for torsional stiffness. Its integrity is ensured through CNC punched and bent panels and laser cut parts.

The chassis is welded in jigs and its dimensional accuracy is superb. It features an integral roll over bar and side impact protection bars. Every CAV GT chassis is manufactured to accept a bolt-in roll cage for racing purposes.

Each CAV GT component has been researched and developed in order to achieve the highest standard of performance. Quality processes and materials ensure the integrity of the final product.


The front suspension comprises unequal length offset A-frame wishbones with an adjustable anti-roll bar linkage. Caster, camber and toe-in are all easily adjustable. 

The suspension geometry was re-designed to ensure superb handling both on road and track with the benefit of bump steer adjustment. The lower wishbone is braced. The front uprights are CNC machined from billet aluminium.


The rear suspension geometry consists of independent double trailing links with inverted A-frame wishbones, upper transverse links and an adjustable anti-roll bar linkage coupled to cast aluminium uprights. 

The suspension design is true to the original without compromising on handling. The CAV GT features a compact, lightweight handbrake caliper that helps to reduce unsprung mass.

The CAV GT has been perfected for racing conditions and the rear suspension now features 16 adjustable rose-joints. 

The suspension is set up on competition coil over type gas damper shocks with adjustable damping rate and variable spring height. 

Springs / Dampers
Dual circuit, front rear split with servo assitance, tandem master cylinder and proportioning valve.


Front: Forged aluminium 4 pot Wilwood callipers with 
300 mm Diameter rotors
Rear: Forged aluminium 4 pot Wilwood callipers with 
300 mm Diameter rotors


Front: Billet Aluminium 6 pot Wilwood callipers with 
300 mm Diameter rotors
Rear: Forged aluminium 4 pot Wilwood callipers with 
300 mm Diameter rotors

Various rotor and brake pad configures available on request.


Rack and Pinion. 4 turns from lock to lock overall ratio 14:1.
      15" BRM (Standard)               15" BRM (Painted)                      15" Halibrand                         17" Halibrand 
Rims Type Front / Rear   Size Tire recommended  

15"  BRM   Front 7.5" 215 / 60 
   Rear 9.5" 295 / 50 
15"  Halibrand   Front 8.0" 215 / 60 
         Rear         10" 295 / 50 
17"  Halibrand    Front 8.5"       225 / 45 
          Rear         10.5"      305 / 40 

Two 9.5 Gallon FIA approved fuel cells mounted in the sills.

Original style, large funnel filler caps with breather, total capacity 20 US gallons. Individual electric pumps and filters with dash change over switch.

Fuel Tanks
The body of a CAV GT is made from vinyl ester resin which is stronger and more stable than conventional polyester resin.

Each body is set up on a chassis in our workshop before it goes to the shaping department, where the car is hand sculptured in a painstaking process that takes around two hundred man-hours to complete. 

The body and chassis stay together which ensures that the gapping and the lines remain correct.

In order to achieve the quality of paint finish demanded, the car goes through an exhaustive pre-spraying preparation process. 

The interior of the CAV GT is designed for maximum comfort. A full leather interior runs through the seats, padded dashboard, steering wheel, consol, roof lining and doors. 
Ergonomically sound leather-clad adjustable seats feature the original brass grommets and soundproof insulation is provided by top grade carpeting. 

Additional comforts include air conditioning and increased head and legroom to accommodate anyone up to 6’4”. An adjustable pedal box allows for flexibility to the inside space.

Original style Smiths gauges complete with chrome bezel and Lucas switch gear recreate the experience of the 1960s design. 

The CAV GT exhaust models the original design. 

It is a stainless steel ‘Bundle of Snakes’ eight branch header system with two collectors, muffler and stainless steel heat shield.

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