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© Copyright 2009 CAV-US     “Ford” and  “GT40” are  trademarks of their respective Companies
CAV America is proud to make available the CAV-GT,
recognized as one of the best Modern Day replicas of the Iconic Ford GT40.

CAV GT Turnkey Minus Roller 
Offering versions with multiple options and many standard features including air conditioning

CAV-GTR Racing Edition
-Lighter Body panels
-FIA Fuel tank, & external kill Switch
-FIA Roll cage 
-Twin Racing Seats and 5-point Safety Harness
-Upgraded brakes for track use
-Fully adjustable Heim jointed suspension
-FIA Approved in Austria & Switzerland

CAV GT Gulf Oil Edition
The manufacturers of the CAV GT have secured the exclusive rights to finish their car in the famous Gulf Oil Livery.  The Gulf Oil colors became synonymous with the iconic GT40 in the late sixties with consecutive Le Mans wins in ’68 and ’69.

The agreement licenses the CAV GT to be the only GT40 recreation to officially carry the full Gulf Oil Livery. After the ’68 and ’69 victories of the J.W.A. Gulf team, the GT40 would be forever remembered as the powder blue car with an orange stripe that beat the best at Le Mans.

The CAV GT Gulf Oil cars will be complete with Gulf flare rear wheel arches, period BRM rims.

The cars will also have special chassis plates identifying them as being officially licensed Gulf Oil cars. Their chassis numbers will be added to the Gulf Oil CAV GT Register and the history of these cars will be tracked. Owners will receive an official certificate from Gulf Oil confirming that the car is a licensed Gulf Oil car.

These cars are available in different versions of the Gulf Oil color scheme, complete with period sponsor decals.